Kosova OSH

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What KOSHA do

• Deals with professional issues in the field of Occupational Safety and Health at work , organization and realization of expertise for its members ;

• Intervenes to every human right to a healthy working environment

• Creates conditions in order to influence larger and participation in the preparation of various regulations and decisions in the field of OSH

• The possibility of giving professional assistance and giving concrete solutions to issues associated with OSH in line with Association obligations.

• Organize professional and scientific meetings / workshops.

• Participates in public discussions , meeting / scientific meetings organized by other organizations and associations

• Protects the right to free information to its members and all citizens of the Republic Kosovo through electronic media and public events organized

• Makes advocacy and lobbying to local and central authorities dealing with the design of policies and health protection at work on the issues that directly affect the enabling environment as safe and healthy workplace .